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  1. Can i use licensed software
    Most licensed software can be used, except any Licensed Microsoft Software. Microsoft Software must be licensed by us, the provider rather than the end user.

  2. Can you customise a web hosting plan for my needs?
    With our Cloud10 Hosting Plan you will be able to add resources when required. Extra CPU, memory, disk space and in-bound traffic can be added at will.

    For further information on our hosting plans and their features please visit

  3. Cancelling hosting for one or more domains
    To cancel hosting to one or more of your domains simply request the cancellation of your service or disable the auto-rebill setting for your account.

    To request a cancellation simply call us on 1300 555 900

  4. Difference between cloud and shared hosting
    Cloud hosting is a web hosting service that is delivered from a network of connected servers. It delivers IT services to businesses and individuals via the internet. Servers, storage, software, applications and services are delivered without the need to buy, install or manage any if the underlying i...

  5. How do I create parked domains
    To create parked domains:
    Log into the private server manager ( on "List domains" and select the appropriate domainClick "Create Alias Server"Enter the 'Domain Name' and 'Description' for the parked domainClick "Create Server"Make sure that your dns f...

  6. How to create a FTP account
    To create a FTP account:
    Click on "List domains" and select the domain that the FTP account will be added to.Under 'Server Objects' click on "Edit Mail and FTP users" To add a new user click "Add a new user to this server"You will need to assign an email account. Under 'Permissio...

  7. How to create a new database
    To create a new database:
    Log into the private server manager ( on "List domains" and select the appropriate domain.Click Edit Database > Create a new databaseChoose the name for your database, and enter it in the 'Name' fieldIf needed, you can use the ...

  8. How to create email accounts within the private server manager
    To create email accounts with the private server manager:
    Log into the private server manager ( on "List domains" and select the appropriate domain name
    Click on "Edit mail and FTP users" and click on "Add a user to this server"You can now enter the email address...

  9. How to create email forwarders
    To create email forwarders:
    Log into Control Panel ( on "List domains" and select the appropriate domain nameSelect "Forwarders" on the left hand side and click on "Add an Alias to this domain"Enter the email address in the 'mailbox' fieldCheck the box "Yes",...

  10. How to create URL redirects
    To create URL redirects:
    Click on "List Domains"Click the domain which you are setting up the redirect forUnder 'Server Configuration' click on "Website Redirects"Click the "Add a new website" redirectIn the box 'Source URL path' if you wish to redirect the whole domain just enter...

  11. How to log into the Private server management Webmail
    To log into the Private server management Webmail:
    Open your web browser, such as Firefox or Internet ExplorerIn the address bar at the top of your browser, type in the following address:


    Once you have entered the address above hit "Enter" on your ...

  12. How to password protect a directory
    To password protect a directory:
    Click on "Restricted Directories" located down the left hand sideClick on "Add Protection for a new directory"In the 'Directory Path' field you can either type out the exact directory location beginning with /home/yourusername/ or you can browse for the di...

  13. Is Control Panel provided with the Web Hosting Plans?
    Yes, Control Panel is provided with each of our Web Hosting Plans.

    To view our plans please click here

  14. What applications can I run on my Cloud?
    There are no restrictions on what applications you can run within your cloud.

  15. What can I host with a Host1 Server?
    Within the Host1 Server we do not allow the hosting of gambling sites. Other than that you can host anything as long as the content is legal in Australia and the system requirements are supported.

  16. What is PHP?
    PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor

    PHP is the third most popular programming language. It is an open source, programming language which allows web developers to create dynamic content that interacts with various databases. It is utilised for developing web based software applications.

  17. Why is my domain not loading when i enter its address in the browser?
    If your domain in not loading when you enter its address in the browser it could be that:
    The domain name registration has not yet propagated/filtered through the internet. It takes approximately 48 hours for any newly registered domain to show up on the Internet or for any DNS changes to take af...

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