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  1. Data Privacy
    Our Hosted plans provide you with a secure and reliable email platform, making sure that your data is kept private.

    Your email data is stored on our cloud platform providing redundancy, security and fast connectivity regardless of where you are.

    We keep your data safe and private with...

  2. How do you protect my data from loss?
    Your data is stored on fully replicated, enterprise grade SAN's with full off-site weekly backups and daily local backups kept. Our storage systems are fully redundant and take snapshots at regular intervals, making sure that your data is protected.

  3. How secure is my data in the cloud?
    Your data is very secure in the cloud, as we offer a level of security that can't be matched by an on-site server, and which is far beyond what you can achieve on your own.

    Our redundant power supplies, internet connections and hardware make sure that your data is still kept safe and pro...

  4. Is my email secure?
    Yes, your email is kept secure with our Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus protection.

  5. What about Spam and Virus Filtering?
    Anti Spam and Anti Virus is provided with each of our Web Hosting plans.

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