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How do I create client side image maps?
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You need two files: an HTML file, and an image file.
The HTML file contains all your HTML, as well as links to the image, and all the coordinate information:

<img SRC="image.gif" ALIGN="middle" ISMAP usemap="#MAPNAME"WIDTH="190" HEIGHT="260">
<map name="MAPNAME"><area shape="rect" coords="20,25,84,113" href="rectangle.html">
<area shape="polygon" coords="90,25,162,26,163,96,89,25,90,24" href="triangle.html">
<area shape="circle" coords="130,114,29" href="circle.html"><area shape="rect" coords="19,156,170,211"
href=""><area shape="default" nohref></map>

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